Spotify’s New Ad Game: AI Mimicking Podcast Hosts

Spotify, the music app we all know, is doing something totally cool and different. They’re working on making fake voices using computers! These computer voices will sound just like the people who host podcasts on Spotify.

Making Ads Feel Personal

A guy named Bill Simmons, who hosts a podcast, spilled the beans about this new trick. He’s okay with his voice being copied for ads. What’s exciting is that these fake voices will help make ads that feel like they belong to the podcast you’re listening to. So, if you’re hearing a podcast about your city, the ads might be about local stuff, making it super relatable.

What’s Next? Speaking Every Language!

Bill Simmons also said these fake voices might even speak different languages. Imagine listening to a podcast in Spanish or French, and the ads are in those languages too! It’s like breaking the language barrier, making podcasts enjoyable for everyone, no matter what language they speak.

But, Spotify hasn’t said for sure if they’re really going to do this. They just said they’re always trying to make Spotify cooler for us, without giving away too many details about these computer-made ads.

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Computers and Creativity Clash

This whole computer voice thing isn’t just about Spotify. It’s got people talking about computers taking over music and art stuff. Some famous music companies got worried when computers started making music that sounded like famous singers. They wanted to stop it to protect real artists.

What’s the Big Debate?

Some people think computers doing creative stuff might not be cool. They worry it might not be fair to artists. But then, there are others, like Grimes, who think it’s awesome and want to play with these computer tools.

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What’s Next for Spotify?

We’re not sure how Spotify will deal with all these debates. They’re trying new things to help the people who make podcasts and the ones who listen to them. But how they handle these computer-made ads is a mystery for now.

Spotify jumping into making computer voices to copy podcast hosts for ads is a big deal. As this story unfolds, how they balance technology and doing the right thing will shape podcasts and ads in a big way.

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